Samantha Margret guides us to “The End”

Samantha Margret’s moody new single “The End” is the antithesis of bedroom pop. The LA-based singer has the extraordinary vocal range and songwriting ability of Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell – and the new track has a cinematic sense of foreboding. That’s one reason why it will be featured in the finale of The Watchful Eye streaming series.

Commenting on the single, Samantha says, “I love a Bond villain and the way music and storytelling fit together in that franchise. When we started ‘The End’, we had that moody, romantic tone in mind. Writing something this orchestrally driven was a delight. The sweeping vocals and reverb really took me back to singing Celine Dion into a hairbrush as a kid, if Celine Dion were a femme fatale out for revenge.”

Margret’s work has steadily gotten darker during this decade. The offbeat humor of her 2020 song “Matthew McConaughey” has given way to songs like “RAGE”, released on the same day that Roe v Wade was overturned. In fact, “RAGE” and Samantha’s “Feminist GF” have combined for nearly one million streams.

Daniel Craig will be passing the Bond baton to another thespian soon – and some people are clamoring for the super-spy to be played by a woman. No matter who takes over, “The End” would be the perfect closing-credits song.

Listen to “The End” below, or find it on your favorite streaming service.

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