Sanja Marušić

Robin Kester retreats from noise on the chimerical “Cat 13”

Robin Kester‘s music soothes the listener from your everyday drudgery, which might lead you to assume it’s an escape to more surrealistic themes. Though her songs indeed have an ethereal quality, they often spring from very grounded places, growing like vines from seeds of specific memories.

The melody for Kester’s latest song “Cat 13” came to her as she waited in the car for her partner to bring back groceries. Combining the loose-limbed guitar flourishes reminiscent of Real Estate with elegant touches of harpsichord and strings, the song acts as a mediator to help slow down time and cope with an overabundance of outside impulses.

Kester on “Cat 13”: “Cats can see themselves in the mirror but do not recognise their own reflection. I think that’s an interesting idea. I often have that too: that I can see myself, but at the same time I don’t recognise it’s really me.”

Listen to “Cat 13” below and find it on streaming outlets.

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