Ida Muhonen

Library Card tackle virtue signalling on abrasive barn-burner “Cognitive Dissonance”

Sometimes we leave a light on, have ourselves a non-oat milk latte or deliberately avoid a homeless person on the street. Does that mean we are by nature self-centered, morally compromised creatures who couldn’t care less about our collective well-being and/or the state of the planet? This is a quandary Rotterdam noise-makers Library Card pose on their kinetic latest single “Cognitive Dissonance”. We tend to beat ourselves up for not doing all we can to help make the world a better place… but is that in any way a healthy way to process things?

“Existence itself is erratic and inconsistent, life cannot be lived in a flawless manner,” vocalist Lot van Teylingen says of the thought process behind the track. “We can try as hard as we want to be compassionate, empathetic and accepting of the things we fear but there will always be a part of us flirting with being selfish, jealous or vengeful. To accept this duality is to accept our own humanity.”

After “Mirror Factory” and “Sunflowers”, “Cognitive Dissonance” is the third song the quartet has released out into the world; the band has announced their debut EP, which will be out next spring via AT EASE. This along with five other brand new tracks that’ll undoubtedly ring familiar to those who have witnessed Library Card’s whirlwind performances before.

For the time being, watch the video for “Cognitive Dissonance” below and find the song on streaming services.

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