Ida Muhonen

Library Card clap back at conceited advice givers on “Well, Actually”, announce EP

Being an artist on stage also means having to deal with a lot of opinions hurtled your way. If you’re a band as good live as Library Card, more often times than not, that feedback is well-intentioned. But sometimes, unfortunately, its veiled in condescension, sexism and conceit. And yeah, it’s guys 99.9% percent of the time, let’s face it. And that can be a real buzzkill after you just utterly killed it on stage.

Library Card’s fast and furious set-closer “Well, Actually” snaps back at those prying busybodies with a similarly sardonic wit as Charlotte Adigéry. “This is our love letter to the patriarchy,” says the band’s vocalist Lot van Teylingen (they/them). “One must view ‘Well, Actually’ as a friendly yet firm reminder of what unsolicited advice not to give to a band that’s fresh off the stage, often fuelled by mansplaining or perpetuated by heteronormative norms. We are perfectly capable of asking for it ourselves when in need.“

“Well, Actually” is the latest track revealed of Library Card’s debut EP Nothing, Interesting, which sees the light of day on March 15, 2024 via At Ease. Van Teylingen: “‘Nothing, Interesting’ explores themes of love and loss – often intertwined with a growing fear of not being able to keep up with the world as we know it. However, in this process it’s essential to embrace the absurdity of existence, and not take it too seriously.”

Check out “Well, Actually” below and find it on streaming outlets.

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