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Robin Kester exhumes tainted memories on “Fries And Ice Cream”

Dutch artist Robin Kester has an uncanny knack for lacing lush atmospherics with the most threadbare of human sensations. After the understatedly gorgeous previous single “Cat 13”, Kester’s new track “Fries and Ice Cream” takes on a more sinister tone. With its dark brooding synths, hissing drums and disembodied vocals, it’s easy to draw some comparisons to Portishead in their heyday, or maybe an evil Beach House song.

According to Kester, the song addresses a childhood memory that became tainted by things she found out as an adult. “Back in the day we tend to hold certain people in our lives in high esteem,” Kester comments. “But as we get older we find out they actually behaved horribly. The places you most enjoyed going as a kid can suddenly feel very depressing, as if walking with lead in your shoes. You feel a sense of terror, yet you also maintain a love for that person, while still acknowledging what transpired wasn’t okay.”

On  “Fries and Ice Cream” Kester navigates these conflicting sentiments by filtering out the sweet nostalgia from the bitter retrospective; specifically, memories of going to the beach and eating fries and ice cream. Check the song below and find it on streaming services.

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