Rising Korean Alt-R&B singer BIBI is sick of the games on “The Weekend”

We’ve all been on one end of it or the other – perhaps both. It’s late at night on a Saturday, and you suddenly think of that someone that you only tend to think of at, well, this time of night. Or perhaps you’re just minding your own business and they think of you.

Rising Korean Alt-R&B singer-songwriter BIBI has had it with just such a situation. Via her latest single, “The Weekend”, she disposes of an unappreciative lover, and offers an anthem for anyone who’s suffered the same at once: “Why, why, why aren’t you into me?, she asks, and it feels like she’s speaking for all of us who’ve been dangled along. (Read: anyone, unless you’ve lived the luckiest life of all time.)

“The Weekend” is set to appear on 88rising’s upcoming compilation album, Head in the Clouds 3, intended as a, “world-building, collaborative effort bringing together rising artists from East to West“.

If you’ve had enough yourself, or are just in the mood for a mood-setting vibe complete with a effortlessly stylish, throwback beat and instantly addictive chorus, check the single’s lyric video out below.

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