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I Break Horses


[Bella Union; 2013]

By ; July 16, 2013 

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Swedish duo I Break Horses are due to their follow-up to Hearts (which we quite liked, back in the day) in October. In preparation, lead single “Denial” was sent down the pipeline earlier this week. The shift is apparent immediately, and will likely draw comparisons to the likes of Washed Out and Neon Indian. What sounds like the score from a 1940s film reel spliced with space-age ambient noise disintegrates before your eyes, and gives way to a clean-cut, dance friendly arrangement. Less drug-induced stupor and more lucid dream. Jittery, icy synths, drum rolls and vocal loops tumble down from on high, while vocalist Maria Linden’s refrain: “fade out/’Cause you are dying” carries a melody that could trade barbs with anything on their debut. In this case, it’s as much about the delivery as the words. Even though “Denial” pushes the four-minute mark, it’s over way too soon; this one has some serious replay value.

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