Raleigh, NC-based folk-electronica artist Chorusing releases entrancing debut single, “Watching the Beams”

It’s not altogether too often that an entirely new artist simply demands your attention, but it’s always exciting when one does. Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, Matthew O’Connell – recording as Chorusing – is certainly such an artist.

He paints in subtle colors, preferring precise electronic throbbing and his own soft-spoken lyricism to speak for him, rather than any grand gestures. His debut single, “Watching the Beams” is the perfect example of his Arthur Russell adjacent sound.

Speaking on his debut single, O’Connell shares, “‘Watching the Beams’ is the only track on the record that came together almost immediately—all written and recorded over the course of a day. I set up an arpeggiator on the Moog and then mixed it live with a drum machine and a fuzz pedal. The vocals have a reverse delay on them that lets each distorted lyric sort of slowly bloom. All these elements together made me think of traveling through a subway tunnel—sounds passing in and out of focus, lights flashing through the windows, the noise of the tracks.

Check out its equally subtle – yet gradually entrancing – video out below and stay tuned for more from Chorusing as he releases his debut album Half Mirror on August 13.

You can find Chorusing on Instagram.