London-based indie quartet Pynch have shared a new song called “Somebody Else”, the follow-up to their much touted debut single “Disco Lights”. The new song was written and produced by the band’s leader Spencer Enock while holed up in his parents’ house in Ramsgate over the last few months of lockdown. He says:

I wrote and recorded the song over a couple of days in April after losing my job and going back home to live with my parents during the pandemic. The song is sort of a mediation and reflection on that and me figuring out whats going on in my life.”

Unsurprisingly, “Somebody Else” is a self-examining diatribe, in which Enock places himself in the world and doesn’t feel much positivity from doing so. Combining Casio-like melodies with simple drums, “Somebody Else” simultaneously recalls The Buggles and LCD Soundsystem, and Enock has the observational nous to match: “Don’t know your name but you look like a model / I swear I saw you in an ad for McDonalds / Yeah life is strange but at least you got paid,” he begins. From there he spirals down into a well of hopelessness, while Pynch’s incisive instrumental additions pile on the pressure, adding sonic thrill to a mind in meltdown.

“Somebody Else” also has a great video, with Enock explains, saying:

“I wanted the video to be a document of this time as well and what it’s been like coming back home. I saw an advert on Facebook marketplace for a ‘lockdown bike’, which was £20 and made up of loads of random parts, so a lot of the video is me riding around Thanet on it like a 14 year old.”

Watch the video for “Somebody Else” below, or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

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