Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 73: Iron & Wine – We are the box in the back of the gym

In this chat, we get to meet Iron & Wine – aka: singer/songwriter/guitarist, and general indie folk icon, Sam Beam.

Sam has just recently put out a brand new Iron & Wine record entitled Light Verse, so we do spend a good amount of time discussing this album. We touch on its themes of loss and acceptance, the time it took to make, and the collaborators he had on it – including none other than the legendary Fiona Apple. We also look back on his seminal second record, Our Endless Numbered Days, which turned 20 this year. We talk about creative ruts, file sharing and leaked music, and do some light myth-busting about his debut album.

I also get personal and tell Sam just how much his music has meant to me, and how integral its been to my development especially as a musician myself, over the year. It’s a lovely, jovial conversation, and one I will go cross off the bucket-list now. Thank you for listening.

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