Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 68: Jess Williamson – Texan Lightning

In this chat, we get to meet singer-songwriter Jess Williamson.

Jess put out her most recent album, Time Ain’t Accidental, back in June. (It also happens to be her most acclaimed record yet and is in BPM’s Top 50 of 2023.) And in this chat, we get to be a bit reflective as opposed to anticipatory. We talk about what the songs mean to her now in the wake vs. the lead-up, and how proud she is of this album. We talk about how her year has gone since then, including touring and the general reaction to these personal songs. We discuss vulnerability and specificity in songwriting, rediscovering her love of her native Texas, and embracing imperfections (and her natural voice) in the studio. She also had a dream about Adrianne Lenker, so, there’s that! It was a super fun talk, circuitous in the best way, and I think you’ll enjoy it. Thank you for listening.

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