Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 69: Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Singing Life

In this episode, we get to meet Bonnie “Prince” Billy – aka Will Oldham.

Will has had a great year in music, putting out one of his best records yet with Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (by some counts his 21st record!) back in August. In this chat, Will and I discuss that album at length, including some of what went into and inspired it. We talk about his long history of selecting perfect singing partners and musical collaborators, and how important singing and voices are to him, and how much we have left to learn from older musicians. We also touch on his old material with Palace Brothers, his intermittent acting career (which was his original career aspiration), and the longlasting magic and legacy of his most famous song “I See a Darkness”. It was a warm and rambling talk, like hanging with an old pal, and I think you’ll enjoy it. Thank you for listening.

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