Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 63: Marnie Stern – Call It A Comeback

In this chat, we get to meet Marnie Stern.

Marnie is a singer, songwriter, and electric guitar wizard, who’s back after more than a decade-long absence with her fifth record, The Comeback Kid. In this chat, she and I talk a lot about this new album – the songwriting, the production – and what it felt like to get back into her specific style and groove after so long out of the studio. We also discuss what she was up to in the interim, which included having two children and also playing in the house band on Seth Meyers. So needless to say – she’s been busy in between albums. But now she’s back! And she’s ready to melt you. We also talk drumming’s importance to her work, the fading glory of blogging, and that one time she ripped the sleeve of a record I bought from her at a show (it’s cool). Thank you for listening.

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