Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 61: Matana Roberts – The Weave

In this chat, we get to meet acclaimed composer Matana Roberts.

Best known for their work as a saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer in the world of avant garde and improvisational jazz, Matana Roberts has been making a name for themselves for quite a while. We met on the cusp of the release of the fifth chapter in their ongoing Coin Coin series — Chapter 5: In the Garden.

In this chat, Matana and I go long on this new album, and how it fits into the overall arc of Coin Coin, which sees Matana exploring their own personal and familial history alongside some bitter truths and explorations of American cultural and social history. The new record tells the story of a relative of theirs from the 1920s who died following an illegal abortion, and it’s just as beguiling and beautiful as the chapters that preceded it. It’s a bit of a circuitous talk, but in the best way – it felt like an alive conversation, and I had such fun diving head first into these complex and nuanced waters with Matana, who met me with warmth and wisdom. Thanks for listening and please enjoy.

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