Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 58: Emile Mosseri – Naked and Terrified

In this chat, we get to meet Oscar-nominated composer Emile Mosseri.

Though best known for his film work, Emile is also a singer-songwriter, and has been for much of his life. He was in a band called The Dig for years prior to his career as a composer, and now he’s just put out his debut full-length studio record, Heaven Hunters. Here, Emile and I talk quite a bit about this record – what it means to him, how he got here, and what led him to feeling comfortable and ready to release such bluntly personal songs. We do also touch on his film work, some of his specific scores for films like Kajillionaire and his Academy Award-nominated work on Minari, his love of film music, and more. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy.

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