Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 54: Jeff Hiller – The Authenticity Factor

In this chat, we get to meet Jeff Hiller.

Jeff is an actor who, most recently, is best known for playing Joel on the HBO dramedy Somebody Somewhere. It’s a gorgeous, human, authentic show, and in this chat, Jeff and I talk about all of it. We talk about the show’s themes, characters, its rarity in this current TV landscape, and what it means to Jeff to be able to play a character like Joel on a show like this, alongside the great Bridget Everett. We talk the winding road of his career that led him to this great part, and how he came to land this role. We also touch on some current events, pop culture, and Betty Gilpin. (Hi Betty Gilpin! My door is always open for you.)

I think you’ll like this one. It was an utter delight talking with Jeff, who has an infectious laugh and smile and was so warm, a little irreverent, a touch tangential, but always inviting and personable. Thank you for listening.

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