Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 12 – Raphaelle Standell-Preston of Braids and Blue Hawaii

In this episode, we get to meet Raphaelle Standell-Preston. Raphaelle is best-known as the singer and guitarist for the band Braids, but she also has a more dance- and pop-oriented side project called Blue Hawaii, a duo with Alex “Agor” Kerby.

In this chat, we discuss the different worlds she inhabits with either band, as well as her writing process, performing live, and what it’s like being a musician in this apocalyptic year of 2020.

Fair warning: Raphaelle’s quarantine cottage has a spotty internet connection, so there is some cutting out that occurs in this talk, but if you bear with us, I think you’ll find it an engaging, humorous, and interesting chat. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or PodBean, or via the embed below.