Das Beat flirt with disco via the slow burn passion of “Ariadne”

Das Beat – that’s the duo of German actress Eddie Rabenberg and Blue Hawaii’s Agor – are only here to provide pure bliss. Their somewhat campy, Italo Disco influenced sound bounces between placidity and sheer seduction. Argo provides the sleek backdrop and Rabenberg dives in, singing in both English and her native language.

Their latest single (or, rather, salvo) is the irresistible “Ariadne”, raking the smoldering embers of true passion the song plunges into an alluring fog, with its patient, all consuming sound boasting a very gradually building groove. They say:

“This song tells the story of Ariadne from Naxos, how she helped fight the minotaurs but then gets left behind by Theseus. However, in my version it doesn’t bring her down. Instead, she fights her own demons and becomes stronger. It is an ode not just to Ariadne but to all the strong women out there. The song has a double meaning about relationships as well. Break-ups can make you stronger – being left behind doesn’t mean you need to stay behind. It is the cycle of sadness, intimacy and strength.”

Check it out below, and look out for the duo’s debut EP, Identität, come June 4th.

You can find Das Beat on Instagram.