Pip Blom announce new album with the effervescent “Keep It Together”

Pip Blom, the Dutch band led by the titular Pip Blom, have revealed they’ll be releasing a new album called Welcome Break on October 8 via Heavenly. They’ve also shared a new single called “Keep It Together”, with Pip saying:

“A very important thing of all the tracks is the dynamic between Tender’s and my vocals. I feel like we really compliment each other’s tones. Maybe it’s because we’re siblings, but whatever it is, I love it. In the chorus of Keep It Together we sing two completely different bits, but it works really well. Tender did a lot of singing for this record, mainly for the choruses and bridges. I really like how with this bridge you’ve got this whole choir of the two of us singing in different keys. It gives it a very dreamy vibe that is nice after the powerful chorus.”

It’s not a complete reinvention from the lovable debut album Boat, but as Pip points out in the above quote, the way they’ve interwoven the two voices brings a new dynamism to their irrepressible fuzz rock sound. While “Keep It Together” seems to find Pip carrying some kind of frustration – both within herself and the person she’s addressing – the band keep the song light and flowing. They take this momentum and go bounding into a chorus that’s overflowing with empathy and energy, perfectly ready for a festival crowd to bounce along to. Overall, “Keep It Together” is exactly the kind of easily enjoyable pop rock that makes Pip Blom perennial winners.

The video for “Keep It Together” (directed by Isabelle Griffioen) finds the band creating their own dance work out video, moving in muddled fashion along with the song. Watch it below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Pip Blom’s new album Welcome Break arrives on October 8 through Heavenly (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.