Photo: Adam Parshall

Pile channel fear and frustration into the ferocious “Poisons”

Boston band Pile will release a new album called All Fiction in February, and following on from recent single “Loops” they have now revealed the storming “Poisons”.

On the song, vocalist Rick Maguire says: “It’s about trying to abstain from participating in things that aren’t really good for anybody but also feeling very unaware in general, and the frustration of trying to hold both of those sentiments.”

“Poisons” begins with Pile marching in unison like a dishevelled and zombified robot, imposing and unpredictable. Maguire yelps about his uncontrollable existence in cryptic lines like “End up doing the deal around the side with you” as the band falls in line behind him and guide the song into a rising and battering chorus. Pile continue the charge through Maguire’s panic about “the poisons I’ve tried without knowing”, twisting and growing into a thrillingly gnarled finale.

Watch the video for “Poisons” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Pile’s new album All Fiction is out on February 17 through Exploding in Sound (pre-order/save). You can find them on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.