Bon Iver is a traditional-sounding project, drawing on older folk influences from the golden age of the genre. It therefore makes sense that the physical release of the band’s second album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, should be quite traditional. Although this is only a CD, the packaging is made like a gatefold vinyl, and is made of a sturdy card that suggests that it will not tear or fray like other products of this ilk. There is no plastic on the packaging, which means nothing can snap (except the CD of course). The design is quite simple, with the CD itself just containing the basic information: artist, title, tracks, label, catalogue number; all in block capitals – quite a traditional design.

There are no more images inside the booklet, which is disappointing since the cover is one of the prettiest for a while, but there is a second image on the inside of the gatefold. Instead, the booklet is basic, featuing solely black, handwritten lyrics on a white page. It is nice to see the handwritten theme continue from the back cover into the lyric book, and although these may seem failry illegible in the pictures here, there is no real difficulty in reading them when you have the booklet in your hand.

Verdict: This package falls short of being a “must buy” since there is nothing absolutely outstanding about it. Having said that, I would still recommend buying it since it does everything else right: nicely printed cover, sturdy material, lyrics included and it all ties together with the music to make a striking complete project.

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