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Mesita releases free EP

By ; June 13, 2012 at 12:10 AM 

As his success builds, and his fan count rises after the release of his latest album The Coyote (which we here at Beats Per Minute recommend), Mesita – aka James Cooley – has sought to thank his fans, while also condensing what he has to offer into one little neat package. While this writer would endorse any who hasn’t partaken in Mesita’s music to buy his entire back catalogue (as it’s most definitely worth it), he couldn’t advise against also taking the time out to listen to his free five-song sampler which he has made available. Taking two cuts from The Coyote, one from his previous full length Here’s To Nowhere, and a track from each of his EPs, Living/Breathing, and No Worries. Even if you have the songs in your music library, there’s no harm in listening again, to remind yourself why you fell in love with Mesita in the first place. Listen and download for free below:

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