Loren Kramar is a Los Angeles-based artist, originally involved in the visual arts world through his years at New York’s Cooper Union. During his time in NYC he started singing at events held at art-centric spots like MoMa PS1. He later moved into Los Angeles and found himself moving in the same spheres as the likes of Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor and Frank Ocean collaborator John Carroll Kirby, whom he called in to help produce his own original music.

Having already shared the delightful “Cover Girl” back in May, which hooked us in, today we bring you the follow up “Let’s Go To My House”. He says:

“‘Let’s Go to My House’ is really a song about friendship. In this case, bonding over a shared inability to maintain intimate partners. The chorus is a bit of a tragic celebration – finding peace and pleasure by dressing up and playing make-believe with someone who loves you. To be frank, I hope to be the kind of person who offers not only compassion but also a level of fantasy to my friend’s lives.”

“Let’s Go To My House” is a beguiling number, initially a bit dejected as Kramar eyes someone from across the room: “You’re always in love, lucky you.” But, before this moody atmosphere fully sets in, he switches gears into friendly fantasy mode, the song shifts into a bright and bouncing classic California pop sound and he announces “come on let’s go to my house / I really wanna dress you up / gonna make you feel like somebody.” With this newfound confidence comes extra musicality that sees thick guitar lines dueting with his soulful vocals, encircling us in this intimate scene, ready to dream the night away.

“Let’s Go To My House” will be on streamng services tomorrow, but you can replay it as many times as you desire via the embed above. You can follow Loren Kramar on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

He is also having a single release party online tomorrow, with special guests Francis & the Lights and comedian John Early. Details on the poster below.