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Track Premiere: Eureka Birds – “Mila Don’t Make A Sound”

By ; August 27, 2013 at 11:08 AM 

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Baltimore natives Eureka Birds feel a bit out of place in the current musical climate. They don’t adhere to any particular fad or set of sub-genre tendencies. They don’t dwell in dream pop proclivities or on electro-pop aesthetics but seem to reside somewhere in the murky borderlands between half a dozen different genres. Brewing their own prismatic pop concoction, the band filters their influences through modulated synthesizers, driving rhythms, and a sense of claustrophobic musical tension – though they’re not averse to dipping into swells of orchestral synthwork on occasion. We’ll be able to hear more of their interwoven strands of inventive arrangements when they release their latest album, Strangers, on October 29th.

For our first glimpse into Eureka Birds’ latest record, the band has chosen to release the atmospheric, dark synth-soaked “Mila Don’t Make A Sound.” The song has been described by singer Justin Levy as being “about infidelities and how they’ll haunt you like ghosts in your house. The couple [in the song] knows that the ghosts are all around them but both are careful not to recognize them.” By looping waves of synths and organ with thudding percussion and Levy’s distinctly confident vocals, the band offers a superficially upbeat , though extraordinarily incisive, examination of the half-truths that we tell ourselves every day. And it’s in these emotional and intellectual grey areas that Eureka Birds find their true home – a place where the band’s unbridled music can run parallel to the unchecked emotions that simmer just beneath the surface of our calm and collective mental facade.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the latest single, “Mila Don’t Make A Sound,” from Eureka Birds’ upcoming album, Strangers.


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