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Listen/Download: Delta Will – “It All Glows”

By ; September 17, 2013 at 5:07 AM 

It All Glows

There are two odd emails in my inbox this morning. One is from someone who claims to be a rapper and who further claims to “eat rappers like cornflakes” while act attempting to make riding a bored pony in the middle of an empty field in Amsterdam look street. This post isn’t about that guy (who shall remain nameless to save embarrassment and the endurance of your ears, dear readers against the godawful excuse for a song that went with the laughable video).

The other email I got was probably more odd. “I’m a visitor from outer space who’s become fascinated with humans and their traditions of folk, blues and pop music. Charles Tilden has been kind enough to lend me his body so I can create my own musical experiments. I can see the world through his lens and have taken the opportunity to study life on Earth as much as I can.” Those words are from Delta Will, a Canada-based artists who has a new EP coming out October 22nd entitled It All Glows. The words in the email were odd for sure, and like most times you read these kind of things, you’re always tempted to click the links to see what kind of madness minds who make words like the ones above create otherwise.

How wonderful then to be find “It All Glows,” which is an extremely pleasing track that once again has me submitting to defeat when I try to think of the a very particular comparison. It’s the way Tilden (of the alien inside him) sings the titular words, that evokes a certain something from an artist before, but until I can identify who that person is, i’m more than happy to keep playing Delta Will. Have a listen for yourself below, and download the track too for whatever price you see fit.


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