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Listen: Pan Pan – “Salt + Pepper”

By ; June 28, 2013 at 2:51 PM 

Pan Pan

Athens, Greece-based electronic artist Pan Pan (aka Panayiotis Pantazis) blends the composite precision of math-rock with IDM’s glitch-ed out hiccups and the synth squiggles common to experimental tape manipulation. His imaginative use of vibrant, maximalist beats and layers of densely packed instrumentation give aural access to the wires and nodules hidden behind each sound and tone; you’re able to hear and feel the currents flowing through cables and humming across circuit boards—though the approach and execution is anything but static.

Pantazis has just released his latest collection of songs (read: harmonic experiments), a double cassette album called Someday, Maybe/That Pink Dot, for Chicago-area DIY label Already Dead Tapes. On the heels of the release, a new track, “Salt + Pepper,” has been shared by the label and artist. Filtering throbbing synth rhythms through buoyantly condensed percussion, “Salt + Pepper” sets itself up as an alternative to the simplistic and saccharine electro-pop wares that seem to be favored by many electronic artists recently. Circuital music doesn’t have to be challenging by its very nature; it can be reverent and inquisitive—maybe even playful—and Pantazis makes the case for its being a valid and vital expression of thought. Listen to “Salt + Pepper” below.

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