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Album Stream Premiere: Paperhaus – Lo Hi Lo

By ; May 24, 2013 at 10:30 AM 


Washington, DC genre-hopping indie rock group Paperhaus are set to self-release their sophomore EP Lo Hi Lo on May 28th.  Where their first EP showcased a more deliberate alt-country sound, this latest collection of songs display more pop oriented tones in regards to the band’s ongoing experiments in musical integration.  Bringing their own individual influences and rhythmic predispositions to the band, each member–singer/guitarist Alex Tebeleff, guitarist Eduardo Rivera, bassist John Di Lascio, and drummer Brandon Moses–and their extensive contributions can be clearly and distinctively heard on Lo Hi Lo.  Working with producer Ivan Basuri and recording at DC’s legendary Inner Ear studios, the band found a perfect home for their shimmering jangle pop concoctions.

From the driving rhythms of Di Lascio and Moses to the twin guitar interplay between Tebeleff and Rivera, the songs on Lo Hi Lo seem to race past the listener with little thought given to static participation.  The band isn’t trying to alienate their fans, but they are also not pandering or changing their sound to accommodate any assumptions that fans might have based on their previous release.  These tracks feel alive and substantive in a way that sets them wholly separate from the vast majority of recent pop music.  Working from a completely formed set of DIY aesthetics, Paperhaus make music that conforms to no other artist or genre and which is more than just the sum of its admittedly intriguing parts.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the album stream of Paperhaus’ upcoming EP Lo Hi Lo.


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