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Mamalarky unveil boggy psych punk tune “Frog 2”

Mamalarky‘s new tune “Frog 2” is wonderfully quagmire-like, embodying the whimsical spirit of Pram’s elusive masterpiece The Stars Are So Big, The Earth Is So Small… Stay as You Are or maybe a more decayed and fermented version of Stereolab’s “Percolator”.

The video depicts singer/guitarist Livvy Bennett letting off some steam in a secluded lab, examining some jarred specimens with a slightly unhinged fixation. The bags under her eyes reveal a severe lack of sleep as she is fervid to unlock a formula to make one of these samples, well, something a little more alive. She then spots a centipede/worm-like creature on the floor and mutates it into her post-apocalyptic pet.

I don’t know if I’ve better synthesized the way I feel with words than in this song,” says Bennett. “I think I successfully collaged what I feel every day. I was going through a majorly introverted time in my life, but I was feeling hopeful and grounded in that. I was feeling less and less alone in my own little musical world. 

Michael was bullied into writing this song honestly. We were sitting at this dinky Casio and I said WRITE SOMETHING, and he did somewhat begrudgingly. I wrote the words and harmonies over it on on a series of desert drives between Austin and LA, trying to make something materialize.

“Frog 2” comes with the release of the band’s new LP Pocket Fantasy, out now via Fire Talk. Order a copy here, and check the video below.

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