Maltese artist JOON shares lilting lullaby “Orqod”, announces Johnny Jewel-produced debut album

Following a series of singles over the last couple of years, Maltese artist Yasmin Kuymizakis aka Joon has revealed that she will release her debut album, Dream Again, on July 9; it was prodcued by Johnny Jewel and will come out through Italians Do It Better. Speaking on her process, Joon says:

“During the writing of most of my songs I was sad about something – but I was dealing with it through making music. I make music to give advice to myself and to be optimistic. I’m trying to make myself feel better, by helping myself come out of that pain.”

As a first taste of the album, she has shared “Orqod”, which finds her singing in her native Maltese rather than her usual English. This adds to the fantastical aura of the song, as she tells a tale of two star-crossed lovers who meet in their dreams, a scene that is set from the get-go as quietly croaking crickets beckon us into a balmy night. “Orqod” continues with bobbing keys over a mist of synthesizer, creating a perfectly hued backdrop for Joon’s voice, which glides across the soundscape like a benevolent spirit. She is audibly wrapt with the love of her characters as she tells this tale – and even though most of us won’t understand the words, we can’t mistake the drama and passion in her compelling voice.

Joon’s debut album Dream Again is out on July 9 through Italians Do It Better. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.