Italians Do It Better share After Dark 4, the latest in a series of genre-blurring compilations

Eclectic label Italians Do It Better has released the latest compilation in its After Dark series. Featuring unreleased tracks from artists like Desire, Glüme, Joon, Sally Shapiro, MOTHERMARY, and many others, it provides a comprehensive look at the various aesthetics that label leader Johnny Jewel has cultivated over the years. 

The label provided this note:

“It is with immense pleasure & excitement that we share After Dark 4 with you.  30 artists from 11 countries deliver 27 tracks for the endless summer of your dreams. Clocking in at just under two hours, the melodies have been soundtracking our weekly night drives between our studio in the desert & our offices in Los Angeles. The rhythms have been working their magic as secret weapons on the dancefloor in our DJ sets.

Recorded around the globe…our roster of artists explores Italo Disco, Electro, AOR, Film Score, Minimal Wave, Punk, Dream Pop, Spoken Word, Outrun & more.

It’s real…It’s intimate…It’s Everything you ever needed…

Thank you for listening.


Megan Louise & Johnny Jewel”

Check out the After Dark 4 tracklist.

1. Wolfram ft. Desire – “Sad Ibiza Song”
2. Orion – “Call A Psychic”
3. MOTHERMARY – “Coming For You” (NICOLAAS Remix)
4. Double Mixte – “Château D’Eau”
5. Love Object – “Epicur”
6. The Operator – “Danser”
7. Talvi – “The Day We Met Never Ended For Me”
8.  Kid Moxie & NINA – “Waiting For Tonight”
9.  Farah – “Loosing My Religion”
10. Sally Shapiro – “Moonlight Dance” (Tommy ’86 Remix)
11. Glüme – “Dangerous Blue”
12. Cigar Cigarette – “Come Correct”
13. Desire – “Silver Machine”
14. Causeway – “I’m Falling Apart”
15. Esper Star – “Boys Of Summer”
16. Juno Francis – “Romantica”
17. Sally Shapiro – “Purple Colored Sky”
18. Club Intl – “Hazel Eyes”
19. Mesh Kimono – “Afterburn”
20. Dlina Volny – “Saturday”
21. Annie-Claude Deschênes – “Electric Light”
22. Cameron Romance – “Meet You On The Other Side”
23. Joon – “I Think They Call It Love”
24. Lovelock ft. Orion – “Riders On Dark Horses”
25. PYNKIE & Social Media – “Zoom”
26. Body Double – “Telescope”
27. Double Mixte – “Am I A Fool To Love You”

Stream the collection below.

After Dark 4 is out now via Italians Do It Better. Follow the label on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.