Desire watch the time tick by on the glistening “Zeros”

In classic Italians Do It Better Style, the Desire album Escape that was promised for last summer never arrived. They have, however, returned today with a wonderful new single called “Zeros”, which is, ironically, about time and its cyclical nature. They say:

“As the calendar pages fly by, we are all reaching for a new normal on what sometimes feels like an endless loop. The cyclical music echoes flashback sequences of a recurring dream, chanting “Falling like a feather…Never touch the floor”. We sampled the incessant strike of a grandfather clock, stopwatches, & digital alarm clocks to keep the time. From sunrise to sunset, every single is day adding up…” 

Maintaining their Italo style, but merging it with a more repetitive, house-style approach, Desire have no trouble pulling you into their sway on “Zeros”. Their pristine sound is used so precisely and metronomically that “Zeros” does have an effect akin to a hypnotist waving his stopwatch in front of your eyes, making you slowly drift off – but rather than enter a blank sleep, you find yourself in a world of crystalline ballrooms and stylish attire – a black tie party for the end of the world, waiting for that fateful kiss to end it all.

Listen to “Zeros” below or on streaming platforms.

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