Photo: Ryan McBride

Glüme tries to deconstruct her emotions on “What Is A Feeling”, announces debut album

Glüme is a Los Angeles native who has been enmeshed in the city’s entertainment industry since a young age, having made her first screen appearance as a child. Since then she’s worked on her voice more than her acting, and has had to handle difficult health circumstances, having been diagnosed with the heart issue Prinzmetal. Nevertheless, she’s remained committed to the dream of music, and has found a natural home on Johnny Jewel’s legendary label Italians Do It Better, who will release her debut album The Internet on April 30. Along with the news, she’s shared a new single called “What Is A Feeling”, saying:

“I had a doctor once tell me my feelings were doing my heart more harm than good. I left wanting to completely disassemble my emotions & throw them in the trash. I studied emotions from physical & philosophical perspectives to see if I could outsmart them. But feeling less wasn’t an option.”

On “What Is A Feeling” we find Glüme in an ethereal space, somewhere in the dream realm, going deeper into her subconscious in search of the answer to the titular question. IDIB’s cinematic synths are in place, moving prismatically around our singer, reflecting back her plaintive desires to get to the root of her emotional frailty. She might not come to any concrete answers in “What Is A Feeling”, but Glüme certainly treats us to some beautiful observations as we glide gracefully along with her search.

Glüme’s debut album The Internet is coming out on April 30 via Italians Do It Better. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.