Lotic leaves her mark with “Burn a Print”

Experimental R&B-meets-techno producer Lotic has released “Burn a Print”, the first new music since her excellent debut album, and also her first on Houndstooth. She says that the message behind the track is “to burn your print into this Earth because when you go, you need to remind the future bitches that you was here.” 

Lotic leaves us in no doubt as to who she is on “Burn a Print”, her singular style coming into even more stark relief than ever before. She starts with the simple, seductive thought: “You know your worth / you know your value.” Then, as if in reaction to this sudden grasping of her internal power, “Burn a Print” ascends to an otherworldly platform. Here, she expertly combines the hellish and the heavenly, with erratic beats yapping up from below, while atop are wisps of flute-like sounds and her own slightly-unhinged falsetto. The combination would be uncontrollable in anyone else’s hands, but Lotic is the creator and the deity in this entirely unusual – and unforgettable – soundscape.

Hopefully there will be more news to come from Lotic in the near future, so make sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.