From the mastermind behind Teen Suicide and Ricky Eat Acid we have a brand new project. Released into the wild during Hurricane Sandy, Heroin Party’s summer made me blue; summer gave me sky takes the bite sized sound art of Ricky Eat Acid’s final releases to its logical extension. Though low in fidelity at times, these are tape drones to drown in. Whether in the Usher sampling “Climax” or the Foie Gras aided spoken word outro of “Monument,” Sam Ray has this way of conjuring immense emotion and texture from sounds as simple as stretched keyboards or the human speaking voice. Listen below or download the whole release for free over at Heroin Party’s Bandcamp.

You might be able to find a few of the demos for this Heroin Party record, including an early version of “what if i forgot how to play all the songs i wrote on piano” in our Introducing interview with Ray from this summer.