Natural Animal - Who You Are

Toronto electro-pop duo Natural Animal (aka Matt Hunter and Devon Wright) take the dancefloor pop rhythms of bands like Cut Copy and Holy Ghost! and mix them with a generous dose of indie pop iridescence. The result is a sound that is reminiscent of their influences while still standing on its own –a personal statement from two guys who know exactly what they’re doing and where they stand in the extended lineage of pop-infused music.  You can hear their debut EP, Who You Are, streaming in its entirety over at the band’s Soundcloud page.

And on their latest single, the effervescent “Who You Are,” Hunter and Wright open with subtle waves of shimmering synths and a glittering beat that practically demands some sort of dancefloor sacrifice.  The sound rises until it becomes a cacophonous swirl of sing-song vocals, bright rhythms, and shifting patterns that zig-zag between your ears and your hips.  When that big dumb smile has finally left your face (and it will be there for some time), the only thing left to do is get up and dance.  Listen to “Who You Are” below.