Mode Modern

Vancouver-based Mode Moderne will make thier return with a new album early next year, following their sophomore release Strange Bruises from 2012 and the band’s independent 2009 release Ghosts Emerging. Light Organ Records will release Occult Delight on January 21st, and below you can hear the lead single from the album, “She, Untamed,” which sounds like a perfect representation of the album’s title, with ever so slightly glutenous synth marks and something a possessed, haunting aura. Glossed in black nail polish, and boasting a luxurious vocal performance from lead singer Phillip Intilé (who sounds like he’s trying to temper the ghost of a dozen frontmen and frontwomen from decades past, from Robert Smith to Kate Bush), “She, Untamed” make for a impressionable first listen, only getting better with each subsequent listen. Behind him is an insistent, gleaming dose of indie rock that manages to seep in nostalgia without sounding anything near tedious. Instead it strangely evokes the sonic details of Phoenix’s latest album while funnelling its own way through what sounds like a seedy club. Listen to “She, Untamed” below.