La Vega promo

If you’re fortunate to be experiencing some stereotypically summery weather and if you also happen to be near a beach in the 60’s via some time machined Cadillac, then La Vega’s new single might just suit you down to the ground. Don’t worry of you lack those latter two specifications, but it’s hard to say that “Do The Surfer Girl Limbo!” doesn’t sound like it’s perfectly soundtrack some beach antics, taking cues from the playfulness of the Beach Boys and the shaking grooves of Elvis Presley. And hey, if you’re not in the company of some bright and warm weather, this track will surely lift your spirits and make you think you’re in the aforementioned setting. Listen to “Do The Surfer Girl Limbo!” below, and look out for La Vega’s debut album Wave, which is out August 13th via Major Nation Records.