Ben Greenberg (of The Men, Zs) is set to release a new album of electro-acoustic experiments, entitled Hubble Eagle, under his Hubble moniker on October 29th via NNA Tapes. Drawing on his time in various bands and under various musical guises, Greenberg’s use of his “one man and his guitar” aesthetic has resulted in a trio of songs — the side-long “A Star or Two Beside,” a cover of The Kinks’ “A Long Way From Home,” and title-track “Hubble Eagle” — which explore the vast spaces between prismatic acoustic experimentation and deconstructed electronic repetition.

For our first glimpse into Greenberg’s fractured electronic landscapes, he has chosen to release his cover of The Kinks’ “A Long Way From Home.” Inspired by his extensive touring habits, the song displays Greenberg’s preternatural understanding of how each individual piece fits together and how each can also be rearranged to create something redolent of the original while still sounding insular and completely unique. By adding vocals for the first in Hubble’s history, he widens and expands the framework of the project far beyond what has come before. Alternate melodic pathways crisscross the instrumentation while Greenberg submerges himself completely within the music. Listen to “A Long Way From Home” below.


Hubble – Hubble Eagle LP
(NNA Tapes)
October 29th

A1 – A Star or Two Beside
B1 – A Long Way From Home
B2 – Hubble Eagle