Future Splendours

It’s been a good few months since we brought you the lead single from Brothertiger’s forthcoming album, Future Splendours. But during the time elapsed, “In Mind” has appropriately been kept in mind by myself. Even without listening to it, I can still hear its blissed out loveliness radiating around my brain. The new Summer Heart Remix of the track is right not to play with the track too much, still keeping things relatively blissed out, if not making it sound that little more like a comedown from a sunny day, or just summer itself. With an extra drum track or two playing alongside the original melody, and a little playfulness with the calm tension, the remix sits wonderfully beside the original, and could easily fade in at the end of the original and sound all in tune. Listen below, and keep an eye out for Future Splendours, which will be released October 8th on Mush Records.