Nick Helderman

Lena Hessels unveils brash banger “LENA”, announces new EP

Dutch artist Lena Hessels keeps on the keeping on in 2022, having already released two EPs – if not now and then when will it. The final part of this trilogy is called be all i ever wanted and on its irreverent lead single “LENA” we get plenty of gusto. It basically sounds like Hessels version of a full-on club banger; an ultimate flipping-the-bird against heartache, or as Hessels puts it herself, a “narcissistic masterpiece”.

“Now I see you’re just not good enough. But I am”, she sings, instead of opting to crumble, she transcends to a higher more confident self. The song ends with a bunch of guys screaming Lena’s name as if rooting for a soccer team. Truth be told, ‘soccer pitch’-green seems to be a the color of choice to accompany this single: Hessels has created her own brand of green scarfs (which you can order here). It kind of makes sense: for all the freshly-minted singles hitting the strip, that grass on the other side tends to feel a lot greener.

Hessels has recently recorded a live version of “LENA” at Utrecht’s TivoliVredenburg, which you can check out here. You can find the song on other streaming outlets as well as here below.

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