Profile on singular bass music label including in-depth interview with founder Akkachar and exclusive mix with unreleased tracks from Terror Danjah, Eprom, Desto, and more.

Label Profile: Rwina Records

Chafik Chennouf, aka Akkachar, founder and manager of Rwina Records


As part of our feature, Akkachar so kindly agreed to put together a mix for us. Not gonna lie, this one’s a real stormer. Made up almost entirely of unreleased dubs or still-forthcoming tracks, it’s 40 minutes of straight freshness. Featuring a healthy dose of upcoming releases on RWINA — from Terror Danjah, SRC, Rachet and Doshy — and some lovely tracks from newer names like Bloom (watch out for this guy) and Desto.

It’s a lesson in street-smart psychedelia, where producers aren’t afraid to show off their vast array of colours and flourishes without ever sacrificing the sinewy toughness of their beats. The ‘Rwina sound’ runs through the mix, a sign that Akkachar has not only established something quite notable with his label but also that he’s a fine DJ on his own, as grime and dubstep collide and intermingle to create something unclassifiable, something new, something irrepressibly exciting. Who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll be calling this music “Rwina.”

Terror Danjah – Reinforced [Rwina]
Ginz & Baobinga – Tha Good Stank [Build]
Terror Danjah – Stomp Test [Rwina]
Bloom – Sunkissed [dub]
Ikonika – Psoriasis [Hyperdub]
Terror Danjah – Air Bubble [Royal T remix] [Butterz]
Swindle – Airmiles [Planet Mu]
SRC – Tangfastic [Rwina]
Rachet – Hyper Dimention [Rwina]
Terror Danjah – Power Grid [Planet Mu]
Eprom – Humanoid VIP [dub]
Doshy – Milky Way [Rwina]
Bloom – Love Phazed [dub]
Skinnz – Make Me Feel [dub]
Desto – 20/20 Handsight [dub]
Terror Danjah & D.O.K. – Peanut Punch [Rwina]
SRC – Goin Out [Rwina]
Starkey – Pleasure Points [Planet Mu]

Download Akkachar’s Rwina Records Mix here.

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