Photo: Sabine Rovers

la loye announces debut EP, releases the swirling and enchanting “white summer”

After capturing our attention with her previous singles “i’m still asleep” and “i only hear you in my song”, Dutch songwriter la loye is back with a new single, “white summer.” That in itself would good enough news, but la loye has also announced that her currently untitled debut EP will drop next month on November 11. Speaking of her new, enchanting song, she says:

I’ve never really felt comfortable in summer. I can often feel very gloomy and melancholic during this particular time of the year and it always seems to create a distance between me and the rest of the world. As if everything is covered in a layer of thick white mist, making it difficult to connect with anything or anyone besides myself. On ‘white summer’ I’m sort of torn between trying to reconnect and accepting that this feeling might be a part of who I am.

While “white summer” might sound of a similar vein to her previous singles, the track soon boasts a greater sonic landscape. Beginning with quietly bobbing guitar notes, before long misty and cathedral-like synths, woozy backtracked effects, and glistening piano notes add to the swirl of music. It all perfectly encapsulates that discreet feeling of unease about the season la loye sings about. In the song’s final moments, the song amplifies, like someone has turned up the volume on a radio or your mind is coming back into focus after spacing out. Even if her message is still tinged with melancholia (“it’s never the same with you, love”), the effect is no less enrapturing, and you feel like you know the exact feeling that she singing about.

Listen to “white summer” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

The debut EP will be out on November 11. Keep up to date with la loye on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.