Photo: Bibian Bingen

Klangstof lean into a serendipitous joy on crystalline single “Ocean View”

Amsterdam-based alternative outfit Klangstof has announced a new EP called Ocean View today, which is coming out on March 4. With its liquified, downtempo pulse, the title track is quite a stunner, emanating the kind of serene solitude of facing a new plain of possibility.

According to the band, the idea for “Ocean View” was initially part of a scrapped session in Los Angeles between band members Koen van de Wardt and Wannes Salomé. The initial working title was “We Tried, We Failed”, a droll inside gaffe alluding to that jaded feeling of being entangled within the creative process until it feels futile to even continue.

Sometimes, though, songs have a wacky way of fermenting into a different meaning over time, such was the case with “Ocean View”. Van de Wardt: “That trapped feeling we had in LA is now completely gone. ‘Ocean View’ is like an open world, a mirror of ultimate freedom, essentially telling the same story with the opposite meaning.” Salomé: “Where the verses used to be cynical, they are now sincere.”

Listen to “Ocean View” in the lyric video below, or on various streaming services.

Klangstof also announced a new slew of tour dates, including a handful of slots opening up for Pixies. Follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.