Kendrick Lamar practically melts his new collaboration with Baby Keem, “Family Ties”

As you’ve almost surely heard by now, Kendrick Lamar has returned. Recently having revealed that he’s working on his latest studio album – and his last with longtime label Top Dawg Entertainment – he’s now popped out more properly.

Appearing alongside his cousin Baby Keem for their joint single, “Family Ties”, Kendrick wreaks havoc across a lengthy verse. Beginning by scoffing that he’s, “smoking on your Top 5,” he rapidly ascends into defending his absence: “I been duckin’ the pandemic, I been duckin’ the social gimmicks / I been duckin’ the overnight activists, yeah / I’m not a trending topic, I’m a prophet,” then putting it even more plainly: “don’t you address me unless it’s with four letters.”

Indeed, the King is back. By the time he’s done all that’s left is scorched Earth.

Oh, and, credit due, Keem nearly holds his own with a strong showing. It’s a dominant track all around. Check it out below and stay tuned to Beats Per Minute for more news regarding both artists as soon as it becomes available.