Photo: Holly Hall

Karima Walker finds a place of peace and elation on “Waking The Dreaming Body”

Karima Walker is releasing her new album next Friday, February 26, and so far we’ve heard the beautiful “Reconstellated” and “Horizon, Harbor Resonance”. Today she shares one final teaser with the album’s title track, “Waking The Dreaming Body”, saying:

“This was the last song I wrote for the record. It became the song that was able to bridge, with a certain kind of peace, a space that I had been in for a long time. It moved from a stuck-and-in-between place to the place I was physically in, which was beautiful and singular. I was outside and camping and I think you know the feeling I’m talking about. All the uncertainty and fear spilled out into something very present and joyful.”

The two previous singles have displayed both sides of Walker’s work, her songwriting and her ambient escapades, and “Waking The Dreaming Body” takes us back to the more classic singer-songwriter mould – although there are still subtle ambient adornments that elevate the song and its delicate message. Her acoustic guitar and voice are central, and she uses them beautifully in tandem to capture the gracious beauty of a moment of peace and union with nature, each propelling the other gently upwards into a field of clarity. With light buzzing hovering in the background like the world’s chaos being held at bay, she opens up a beautiful bubble where everything just feels right – “I mean it, I could just die here,” she admits with pure serenity, and for these gracious two and a half minutes we feel exactly the same.

“Waking The Dreaming Body” is released with a gorgeous video of Walker performing the song live at home. Watch that along with the studio version below.

Karima Walker’s new album Waking the Dreaming Body is out next Friday, February 26 through Keeled Scales / Orindal Records. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.