Photo: Roger Kisby

Jessy Lanza calls on Loraine James for “Seven 55”, from her DJ-Kicks mix

Jessy Lanza has revealed she has put together the next DJ-Kicks mix, which will be released on November 19. The mix will feature new material from the Canadian, including her collaboration with London-based labelmate Loraine James, “Seven 55”, which you can hear today. Lanza says:

“I wrote ‘Seven 55’ about a close friend and his inability to commit. I fantasized about the women caught in his web and wrote ‘Seven 55’ from their point of view. I think it’s important to face a nightmare head on.

We’re so used to hearing Lanza singing over her co-productions with Jeremy Greenspan that it’s novel in itself to hear her produced by someone else. James’ work doesn’t disappoint, her skittering atmosphere adding to the isolated and alienated feel of Lanza’s words, while the effects on her vocals emphasise the alienation. Perhaps what’s even more intriguing is how “Seven 55” will fit into Lanza’s DJ-Kicks, and what it signals for the sound of the mix overall.

The video for “Seven 55” was created by Lanza’s usual collaborator Winston H Case, and she says about it: What better place than Las Vegas to shoot the video for a song about longing and denial. In the video, Winston captures people in liminal spaces in limbo between destinations during their weekend in Vegas.”

Watch the clip below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Jessy Lanza’s DJ-Kicks arrives on November 19 through !K7. The tracklisting is:

  1. Jessy Lanza – Guess What
  2. Jessy Lanza – Seven 55 (feat. Loraine James)
  3. Jessy Lanza – Wet x3 (feat. Taraval)
  4. DJ Spookie – Twilite
  5. Michael J. Blood – Lip Biter
  6. Mr Ho – Bail-E 
  7. Crystal – Jungli – la [Joe Howe Club Mix]
  8. Masarima – Freak Lke U [Club Mix]
  9. Golden Donna – Foaming
  10. Mafia Boyz – Teaspoon La Qoh
  11. Markus Mann – I’m Losing
  12. Jim C. Nedd – Maleka
  13. Maarten Van Der Vleuten – Nightshift
  14. Secret Werewolf – Yage
  15. Grain – Untitled B2
  16. Gant-Man – Distorted Sensory (Loefah’s Southside Rmx)
  17. G3 – Drum 2 [Peanut]
  18. Lolina – A Path of Weeds and Flowers
  19. Dee Jay Nehpets – Na Na Na
  20. Oyubi – 140yaku
  21. DJ SWISHA – If the Shoe Fits
  22. Jessy Lanza – Heaving (feat. Taraval)
  23. TAH – Beat It Up Like (These Drums)
  24. Kanyon – IDFWS
  25. CN – Anubis
  26. The Raining Heart – Raining Heart

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