Photo: Jenny Berger Myhre

Jenny Hval shares new track “Bonus Material”

Norwegian art-pop provocateur Jenny Hval is still fresh from the release of her excellent album The Practice of Love from last year, but she’s decided to grace us with a new cut called “Bonus Material”. As suggested by the title, it’s a song that comes from the same period as the work that populates The Practice of Love, with Hval commenting:

“It is an unfinished track about unfinished substances leaking into one another… Trash practicing love.” 

Dismissive as the artist’s comment might seem, “Bonus Material” is worth taking a few minutes out of your confinement to bask in. Hval’s pontifications float gently over whispering synths, hints of piano and strokes of saxophone, all of which invite you in closer, demanding another play so you can catch each of Hval’s sweet musings.