James Blake to collaborate with Bon Iver and other collaboration news

Usually you know it’s a slow news day when news stories are made from single tweets, but when two fine young artists who have made two of the best albums of the year threaten to get together and work some magic, it’s something worth reporting. This stems from something James Blake tweeted this morning:

[blackbirdpie url=http://twitter.com/#!/jamesblake/status/103855703780900864]

Fall Creek is the place where Just Vernon has set up his studio and does all his work. The “boys choir” is evidently because both men possess heavenly voices, and hearing them in unison would be something special indeed. Whether “Fall Creek Boys Choir” is a joke or an official name is yet to be made clear, but I could see it going either way.

In other collaboration news it seems that The Flaming Lips are planning on continuing to put out more collaborative EPs. So far they’ve worked with Lightning Bolt and Prefuse 73 amongst others, but their next partners are the biggest yet: Death Cab For Cutie. Coyne barged in on Death Cab’s interview with Spinner at Osheaga to propose the idea to a seemingly bewildered Ben Gibbard and Nick Harmer. You can read the transcroption of the interview at Spinner.

And finally, another of the year’s strangest collaborations that we told you about a while ago between Lou Reed and Metallica has got an official website. LouReedMetallica.com has been set up, but all you can see for now is a picture of the man and the band with a ‘coming soon. message.

That’s your collaborations in music round up for today.