Photo: Bibiana Reis

Inter Arma cover Nine Inch Nails’ “March Of The Pigs”

Metal titans Inter Arma are releasing a covers album called Garbers Days Revisited in July. Having already shared their scorching take on Neil Young’s “Southern Man”, this week they’ve shared their version of “March Of The Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails.

“March Of The Pigs” is already quite a fuming song, but Inter Arma amplify the ferocity and size of the song with their heft and sonic breadth. They still allow the sardonic side to shine through, with Mike Paparo providing the perfect curled lip as he asks “doesn’t it make you feel better?” Inter Arma bring this song, which sounds just as prescient as it did in the 90s, back to the fore with pomp.

Inter Arma’s covers record Garbers Days Revisited is due out on July 10 via Relapse Records.