Photo: Dreaming God

Wolves In The Throne Room pay tribute to community on the electric “Spirit Of Lightning”

Wolves In The Throne Room recently announced their new album Primordial Arcana for release on August 20. We’ve already heard “Mountain Magick”, and today they deliver another teaser in the form of “Spirit of Lightning”, saying:

’Spirit of Lightning’ returns briefly to the earthly plane as a tribute to the human connections forged in music. Metal is a community that’s bonded together through music and spirituality. This song is an homage to that community, that brotherhood and the virtues that can be espoused through it—going all the way back to the progenitors of the genre.”

As expected with a song called “Spirit Of Lighting”, Wolves In The Throne Room conjure a stormy force, building rapidly from a quiet melody into a gale-force barrage in the opening moments. But, amidst the fire and brimstone, there is a heroic spirit, a monolithic sound of voices conjoining and rising up together. It’s something like the sound that a band from the Mines of Moria might make. Or, perhaps in real(er) terms, it’s the sound of a Viking army paddling away together through tempestuous seas, their muscles and minds in unison as they overcome a seemingly insurmountable natural force – only to be greeted by a choir of angels in the song’s latter stages. Whatever it evokes, there’s no denying that it’s an absolute beast to behold.

Wolves In The Throne Room’s new album Primordial Arcana arrives on August 20 through Relapse (Century Media Records outside of USA and Canada) – pre-order/save. You can find the band on Facebook and Instagram.